Initial Telephone Consultation

Do you have concerns about an aspect of your child’s speech, language or communication but not sure whether its really anything to worry about? 

FREE 15 minute Telephone Consultation

Developmental Language Screen A short screening assessment for children aged 0 – 3 years to determine if your child’s language and communication skills are on track for their age.

Full Initial Consultation and Assessment A full initial assessment is required before any intervention or therapy can begin. This involves two assessment sessions (1hr each) with a school visit in-between if appropriate.

One Hour Initial Assessment

A shorter one session initial assessment, which may be appropriate if your child has already undergone assessment elsewhere and will focus on getting to know your child and determining the most appropriate targets for therapy.

Assessment Services


Speech, Language and Communication

Therapy for Children


Individual Speech and Language Therapy Sessions At home, school or nursery. Each session lasts 50 minutes. The nature and frequency of therapy is tailored to your child’s needs and a therapy plan with clear targets is established following assessment.

Home/School Programme An individually-tailored therapy pack with activities and resources to develop your child’s communication skills and achieve targets identified during assessment, either alongside or in place of individual therapy sessions.

Nursery/School Consultations In addition to working directly with children I offer consultation visits into their school/nursery/preschool. I will observe how their language and communication difficulties are impacting on their social interaction and access to the curriculum. I will also work with education staff to support their understanding of your child's needs and how to help them access all that school offers as well as helping them work towards their targets for therapy in the classroom.