My Approach

Speech, Language and Communication

Therapy for Children

Speech, language and communication skills are key to every child's development; impacting their ability to express themselves, form friendships, understand and interact with the world around them and learn in school. I believe that children with any form of speech, language and communication difficulty can benefit from timely and specific help. By using the latest research, Speech and Language Therapy can make a real difference.

I firmly believe in working with those who know the child best and are with them every day and I work closely with parents to fully understand each child’s individual everyday needs and help develop the best and most practical support and intervention for them.

Therapy should be fun, motivating and relevant to a child's everyday life and my experience and research shows that intervention is most effective when it also includes those who are with the child every day, giving them the best chance of achieving their full potential. 

Speech, language and communication skills are used all-day everyday in hundreds of different situations and none can be learnt in isolation; because of this I believe in assessing and working with children in their own environment, whether you choose that to be home or school/nursery. I have worked in schools and nurseries (as both a member of staff and a visiting professional) and have lots of experience training staff and developing programmes to fit within a school or nursery day. 

My initial assessment would ideally include a visit to the school/nursery/play-school setting that they attend and I strongly recommend a school or nursery based programme to accompany work that I am doing with a child at home. 

​Children's development is complex and often children may need support in more than one area. I place great value on liaising and working with other professionals your child may see e.g. Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Paediatrician. If your child is also receiving Speech and Language Therapy from the NHS I will liaise with their therapist to ensure our input is integrated for the most effective outcomes.

I am proud to use My Therapy Tracker ®  to support best practice and collaboration. 

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