OFSTED review of Eastwood Nursery School in 2013where Nikki headed up the team of professionals providing inclusive specialist support for children with social communication disorders and ASD:

“Disabled children and those with special educational needs also make rapid and sustained progress and there are individual examples of amazing progress for those with social and communication difficulties, particularly in children’s ability to being to work alongside others and to respond well through understanding of symbols and the structure and routines of the nursery.”

“Professional, well trained experts provide well planned and targeted support that meets children’s needs particularly in developing communication and checking children’s progress.”

What Parents say......

“You have been a great source of advice and support in the past two years…. Thanks to your efforts he has made great progress - long may it continue.” Parent of pre-school child with ASD 

"Nikki started working with J when she was 2 years old and only had 10 words. After 1 year of weekly sessions J was soaring and 6 months later no longer required speech therapy. Working with Nikki has transformed our lives. J is now able to fully express her personality. She chatters all day long and loves making conversations with anyone she comes across in the stores or the bus. Nikki has truly done tremendous work with J and we are forever grateful" Parent of a pre-school child with Speech and Language Delay

"It's thanks to you, we believe, that J is now verbalising. He can now say many words and is putting 2-3 words together. He's really found his confidence too and is now participating fully in singing groups and even doing the actions...All of the activities you suggested to us certainly helped to accelerate his progress". Parent of a pre-school child with delayed language development.

"Nikki started working with our son as he started school and following a diagnosis of Childhood Verbal Apraxia. Nikki developed a great rapport with F and during the year she worked with him in Reception he made significant progress with his speech and language and grew in confidence. Nikki collaborated with both the school and his NHS therapist to ensure a “ joined up” plan and this approach to his therapy made a real difference to his progress. Nikki is an excellent SLT, highly skilled, practical and caring in her approach and I would highly recommend her". Parent of a school-age child with Verbal Dyspraxia

"Nikki has supported our daughter for over a year. She has been incredibly reliable, professional, supportive, caring and committed to best practice form day one. She is undoubtedly one of the best professionals I have come across. Nikki has demonstrated evidence based practice, up to date knowledge of advances in her field, and a commitment to ensure our daughter's needs were always met. She works effectively with other professionals involved including school SENCO, NHS SLAT, and OT to maximise everyone's efforts, setting appropriate targets, and frequently reviewing them. We will be forever grateful for the excellent work she did with our daughter" Parent of a child with complex communication needs and developmental delay

​“I really appreciate everything you have done. Your work has made a significant difference to all of us. You’re the first person who has made a connection with him. Thank You.” Parents of child with speech disorder and recurrent glue ear

​“I really feel that you have understood his needs and how to help him and I feel so thankful that I found you.  I also have felt listened to and that you have worked with me and with school to support K and that has meant such a lot to me.” Parent of child in Reception with ASD

There is nothing I believe you could do any better in our case. I am fully satisfied. What I like most is your sincerity which I trust shines through to my daughter and therefore she felt free to find her voice so quickly in your presence. I do not feel any judgment and fully trust you". Parent of a pre-school child with Selective Mutism

"You have an excellent rapport with J and have been able to connect with him and motivate him in a way other professionals never have." Parent of pre-school child with speech and social communication difficulties

Speech, Language and Communication

Therapy for Children

What Schools say....

“Nikki is the best Speech and Language Therapist I have worked with. Clear concise, realistic.” Primary SENCO

​"Nikki's work with LSAs has been so helpful to me. Her practicality/clarity is much appreciated. I trust her judgement.”

Primary SENCO 

​"Always well resourced and thoughtful activities suitable to the children's abilities. Worked well with staff and parents"
Infant and Nursery School SENCO

“She is fantastic and provides excellent support to the school.” Primary SENCO

“Nikki has provided excellent training and support to our specialist speech and language TA on a wide variety of strategies and interventions.” Primary SENCO

“I’ve learnt so much from you and I really appreciate it and have loved working with you.” Nursery Teacher